JUST RELEASED! Never Good Enough


A Tract for Anyone Who Needs Freedom from Condemnation
NEVER GOOD ENOUGH: Many believers are weighed down by debilitating condemnation, living in insecurity and not experiencing God’s love on a deep personal level. This tract exposes the lie of condemnation and presents successful steps to overcome it. It also reaches out to unbelievers with the message of God’s liberating love. The tract ends with two suggested prayers: one to receive Christ and one to receive freedom from condemnation.

Used in Prison Ministries
This tract has been distributed in several prison systems to date, and it continues to minister to countless inmates. Here’s a sample endorsement:

“I received one of your tracts, Never Good Enough, and it hit home. I put myself down all the time about my past, how long I am going to be in jail, etc. Sometimes I just don’t feel worthy of God’s love. But the tract was very good. … I would like to know if you can send a list of all your tracts. I want to share them with anyone who wants to receive God’s Word and have some to give to the prison chaplain. Thanks for your good work. And God bless you.” — Jesse B., inmate at Cambria County Prison, PA

Permission to Publish
This tract is a condensed version of Chapter 6 from Susan D. Hill’s book Closer Than Your Skin: Unwrapping the Mystery of Intimacy with God, ©2008. TWT obtained written permission from WaterBrook Press to develop this tract. Susan’s book can be ordered at Borders or on amazon.com, and her Web site is: www.closerthanyourskin.com.

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