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This “BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW CHART” will inspire teens and adults to serve God in the overall battle for souls. They will realize where God has called them to live on the Bible timeline and will catch a vision of the great purpose for their lives – for such a time as this. (Side B contains corresponding Scripture references.) Click here:

“THE METALLIC GOLD UMBRELLA” is a timely apologetics parable that exposes relative truth and promotes God’s objective truth. Two angels deliver birthday gifts to humans when they are spiritually reborn. Pomeroy, the mentoring angel, explains to his protégé, Cassidy, the cosmic battle over people’s souls and the competing worldviews that confront people. This effective literary device highlights the current philosophical mind-set of relativism and presents ways to counter it with God’s truth. Consider sharing this free download with believers to equip them in today’s spiritually mixed-up world. Click here:
An Apologetics Parable