TWT Endorsements

A. TWT Apologetics Briefs

DESCRIPTION: Large glossy pamphlets with full-color graphics (8-1/2” X 4” X 16”) on 100# paper, 8 panels, gatefold. These briefs present the top evidences for the Christian faith in a nutshell (1 Peter 3:15). These quick-reference tools are excellent for education and evangelism.

“TWT Apologetics Briefs are intellectually engaging, powerful in their message, and visually stunning in their design—a rare combination in this type of literature. It is obvious that the author, Marilyn Tyner, really understands the issues and knows how to lead people to the wellspring of truth. I have no doubt these magnificent witnessing tools will help produce great fruit for the Kingdom and will be a blessing to those who use them in evangelistic ministry.” —CRAIG J. HAZEN, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Program in Christian Apologetics, Biola University, CA

TWT Apologetics Briefs   (Do All Roads Lead to God?) – “Simple, understandable, and logical explanation for the thinking person truly in search of the truth.” (How Can a Loving God Allow Pain and Suffering?) – “Excellent overview of the perplexing questions about pain and suffering, and God’s purpose in allowing it in the world.” (What Sets Christianity Apart?) – “Excellent, brief synopsis of the difference between true Christianity and other religions.” —KAY ARTHUR, Bible Teacher and Author, Founder of Precept Ministries International, TN

“This is to recommend in the strongest terms TWT Apologetics Briefs. They provide what is badly lacking in Christian circles: responsible, succinct evidence for the faith once delivered to the saints. In our secular age of the ‘sound bite,’ they can give concerned believers the ammunition to fulfill the apostle’s admonition: ‘Be ready always to give a reason for hope within.’” —JOHN WARWICK MONTGOMERY, Ph.D., Apologetics and Law Professor, Trinity College and Theological Seminary, IN

“The TWT Apologetics Briefs take tracts to a new level of excellence. They give well-reasoned answers to common questions asked by many people. I would recommend that you keep a supply on hand to give to those who might ask you for answers to these questions.” —CHUCK SMITH, the late Founding Pastor of the Calvary Chapel  Movement, Costa Mesa, CA

“TWT’s Apologetics Briefs aren’t your old-fashioned tracts! These beautiful, eye-catching brochures contain powerful truths about the questions on people’s minds today. Solid, well-researched information is presented in well-organized, insightful nuggets of wisdom that will reach the hearts and minds of modern seekers. These tracts will spark intelligent conversations among Christians and unbelievers about God, Jesus, and the world we live in. Read them. Study them. Distribute them to people who are questioning, hurting, struggling. And then watch God work through their messages!” —KATHY IDE, Christian Author and Speaker, Co-owner of Christian Editor Network LLC, CA

“TWT’s Apologetics Briefs provide concise treatments of key doctrinal issues that can pave the way for individuals to accept Christ and then build them up in the faith. These briefs pack so much content into a brief space; they can be used for outreach or as study tools.” —CARL WESTERLUND, Teaching Pastor and former Director of the School of Ministry, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA

“Thank you for sending me your TWT Apologetics Briefs. I thought they were quite well done and would be a great resource for tabling and outreach on our college campuses.” —CALEB NELSON, Director of Resources, Ratio Christi National Headquarters, NC

“Thanks again for your wonderful service to our King! I had no luck looking for good tracts that present evidence and argument, and I was so pleased to find your TWT Apologetics Briefs, dealing with so many good topics.” —SETH POWERS, Assist. Pastor and Apologist, Union Baptist Church, Waterford, VT

“These TWT Apologetics Briefs are classy and contemporary. They are glossy, sturdy, four-fold brochures. The information is so good. They are also helpful to Christians who are looking to equip themselves for discussion on various spiritual topics.” —CHARISSE WILLIAMS, Retreat Speaker, Evangelistic Speaker with Stonecroft International Ministries

B. Biblical Inerrancy Brief
“Biblical Inerrancy: Hearing the Very Heart and Mind of God through Scripture” by Marilyn Joy Tyner, m.a.

DESCRIPTION: This extra-large brief (10” X 4.5” X 18”) with 8 panels and full-color graphics, gives ten reasons we can trust the full authority of the Bible. Jesus Christ placed His seal of approval on the entire Bible. “Thy word is truth” (John 17:17). This brief promotes diligent study of God’s Word, and responds to today’s movements to reinvent, rethink, or challenge historical Christianity.

ENDORSEMENT: “This is an excellent article on a crucial topic that is foundational to our faith. It deserves careful attention by every Christian leader.” —Dr. NORMAN L. GEISLER, Chancellor and Professor of Apologetics, Veritas Evangelical Seminary, Santa Ana, CA (and one of the original framers of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy)

C. Apologetics Tracts and Gospel Tracts

“What an overwhelming joy it has been for us to have met you and your husband and to share your enthusiasm for the Gospel of our Lord. What began as a simple order for a sample of each TWT tract has grown until Pastor Dan Bailey’s recent order of 4,000 of your apologetics tracts. Thank you for your awesome blog and your faithfulness in responding to our orders. Pastor Dan is our conduit to five other pastors in the South-Eastern U.S. Through the Tampa Seafarer’s Center, your tracts are already in use and are being placed on ships that call upon the Port of Tampa Bay. In addition, we continue distributing hundreds of your tracts onboard cruise ships through our passenger and crew Bible studies. We are blessed to be allowed to minister to the “Christian brotherhood” onboard, and your tracts are an important part of our studies and our ministry. We, too, are blessed to be able to co-labor in Christ with you and True-Way Tracts.” —Dr. George and Sandra Mastroyanis, Gary and Marianne Langdale, Church on the Ocean ministry, FL

“I’ve passed out TWT’s apologetics tracts for six years. They are great witnessing tools for presenting truth to the skeptic, atheist, agnostic, cultist, and religious person, proving that the claims of Christ are true and can be verified. God is using these tracts—each loaded with Scripture and containing a salvation invitation—to convict the hearts of people and show them they’re in need of a Savior.” —Scott Couch, Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast, Street Witnessing Ministry, CA

“I love these gospel tracts (So, What’s the Missing Piece? and Why Become Born Again?) and would like to use both of them in our various ministry locations. Your work is so great in God’s kingdom. These tracts are simple, yet deep in the love of Jesus to heal hurts and reach people right where they are. How much would 50 of each be? I will put a check in the mail to you tomorrow.” —Dwayna Litz, Founder, Lighting the Way Worldwide, Atlanta, GA

“I wanted to thank you, Marilyn, for putting these tracts together because people ask these questions all the time. And when they do, I just give them a specific tract and it is great! May God bless your ministry and may many, many people come to believe in Jesus Christ!” —Matt Hodge, TWT’s first online customer, Athens, GA

“What a blessing! I prayed with one of my hair clients to receive Jesus after she read the tract, “How Can We Know if God Exists?” Barbara picked up this True-Way tract from my hairdressing station where several tracts are displayed. She silently read it and said that the existence-of-God question finally made sense to her. On the spot, she asked me to pray with her the prayer of salvation at the end of the tract.” —Luis Amezcua, hairdresser at Salon Gallery, Tustin, CA

D. Prison Ministry Tracts

“So far, we’ve sent over 10,000 TWT’s prison tracts, along with our Bible studies, to jails and prisons all over the United States and the Philippines. These tracts have blessed the lives of many inmates and their families.” —Jerry McFadden, Chaplain/Founder, The Narrow Way Prison Ministries, CA

“We’ve used 1,000 TWT prison tracts in the two prisons where we minister in Northern California. The Christian inmates discuss them in chapel and pass them out to guys on the yard. One inmate received permission to go from cell to cell in each residence building and offer every inmate a tract. Father Tony, a Catholic priest, made them available in the Catholic Chapel as well. The Lord has been using these tracts to spread His life-giving words to hungry hearts. Each tract contains the gospel, as well as a personal testimony or a Bible lesson. And the covers contain original artwork by inmates or former inmates. We highly recommend them.” —Chaplains Don and Gloria Rogers, Christ Is Your Life Ministries, CA

“Your godly tracts are healing and cleansing tools. I receive many thank you’s and God bless you’s for them. Some inmates tell me they cry tears of repentance and thank God on their knees for lessons learned. Some inmates spread their joy so God brings other cell mates to know Him. God is good!”        —Kay Shaw, Bible Correspondence Course, at The Narrow Way Prison Ministries, CA

“I received one of your tracts, “Never Good Enough”, and it hit home. I put myself down all the time about my past, how long I am going to be in jail, etc. Sometimes I just don’t feel worthy of God’s love. But the tract was very good. … I would like to know if you can send a list with all your tracts. I want to share with anyone who wants to receive God’s Word and have some to give to the prison chaplain. Thanks for your good work. And God bless you.” —Jesse K. Blough, inmate at Cambria County Prison, PA

awesom azingE. Apologetic-Devotional Book –
AWESOM-AZING GOD: Know Him, Love Him, Proclaim Him (and Bible Study Guide) by Marilyn Joy Tyner, m.a.

DESCRIPTION: Awesom-Azing God presents ninety-nine thirst-quenching devotions, sprinkled with eye-opening apologetics for today. It showcases the magnificent attributes of the Living God (based on Dr. Norman L. Geisler’s Systematic Theology in One Volume). An expanded description is posted at the bottom of our Home Page, and on Marilyn Tyner’s apologetics blogsite at:

God’s attributes, as described by Marilyn Tyner in Awesom-Azing God, are expressive, uniquely described, and inspiring. This devotional will draw readers to the living God to enjoy the expanding and potential explosive growth of an eternal relationship with our Savior and Lord. —JOSH D. MC DOWELL, Author and Speaker, Apologist, TX

If you want to be captivated by the living and true God in a personal, engaging, and exciting way, Awesom-Azing God is the book for you! It is a soul-satisfying study of the characteristics of the biblical God. Given that A. W. Tozer said, “What you think of God is the most important thing about you” (Knowledge of the Holy), this could be one of the most important books you ever read. —DR. NORMAN L. GEISLER, Chancellor and Professor of Apologetics and Theology, Veritas Evangelical Seminary, Santa Ana, CA

Marilyn Tyner is a rare asset in the evangelical church today. She knows her way around Scripture, is deeply devoted to God, and knows how to persuasively answer objections to faith in Christ. I have been a fan of her wonderfully written gospel tracts and was delighted to hear she was writing a devotional book. After reading through it, my delight was justified. Not only is Awesom-Azing God thoughtful and moving, but it is very well written. It will be perfect for personal devotions and very effective for group studies. Marilyn has done it again! —CRAIG J. HAZEN, PhD, Founder and Director, Christian Apologetics Graduate Program, Biola University, La Mirada, CA

When I first became acquainted with Marilyn Tyner, I was impressed with her passion for Jesus, her grasp of apologetics, and her love for God’s Word. At that time Marilyn had just begun writing pamphlets that succinctly captured the basic doctrines of the Bible in an accessible way. Her tracts were a tremendous asset to me in ministry and working with Bible college students. As I recently read through her devotional book, Awesom-Azing God, not only was I blessed and encouraged, but I recognized Marilyn’s giftedness in her ability to passionately describe the great attributes of our amazing Lord. This devotional will excite, inspire, and undergird your faith as you peruse the awesome and amazing virtues of our God! —CHERYL BRODERSEN, Author, conference speaker, TV and radio host, head pastor’s wife, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA

Through personal and powerful devotionals, Awesom-Azing God showcases the true and living God and His attributes. Believers will be enriched in their relationship with Him and more inspired to live for His glory. The apologetics interspersed in the book will equip readers to share Jesus Christ in today’s spiritually mixed-up world. Marilyn Tyner’s work as an apologist is thorough and well thought out. —CARL WESTERLUND, Teaching Pastor, and former Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School, Costa Mesa, CA

Your heart will be encouraged, your faith will be strengthened, and your desire to share the gospel will be intensified as you meditate on the immutable attributes of God as brilliantly presented in this book. This timely devotion will ignite your passion to not only know our Awesom-Azing God better but also to passionately share Him with everyone you meet! —KATHY MORALES, Ed.D., Dean of Women, Calvary Chapel University, LV

A gifted apologist and author, Marilyn Tyner serves up a meaty, satisfying meal with delicious sauces drawn from experience—anecdotes from her own life, the lives of friends, other writers, and people in Scripture—all perfectly chosen to complement each course. She makes rich theological truths readable and imbues them with warmth, sharing herself with a transparency that draws us to her…and through her to the One she invites us to know more intimately. Until I read Awesom-Azing God, I didn’t realize how much I have been missing the deep truths of the Word of God. Marilyn expresses them in a way that leads the reader right into the throne room of our living Lord to worship Him in all His majesty. There is an awe and reverence here I don’t often see in Christian writing. This book will bring you back to your first love, to the delight of knowing and worshipping Him in all His awesom-azing facets. —JESSICA SHAVER RENSHAW, Journalist and Author, Gianna: Aborted…and Lived to Tell About It, Tyndale House, Long Beach, CA

This unique devotional magnifies God and His attributes by blending scriptural teachings, personal stories, and apologetics. Marilyn Tyner’s Awesom-Azing God establishes that God is not just awesom-azing because Christians believe great things about Him, but because He is the true and living God! He’s the One who declared, “Let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord” (Jer. 9:24). Readers will surely come to know Him better and be drawn into a deeper devotional life. —LARRY DI SIMONE, Pastor and Apologist, Calvary Chapel of the Canyons, Silverado Canyon, CA

Marilyn Tyner has produced a remarkable book of great substance and powerful teaching. She is deeply grounded in Scripture and adept at translating this into useful apologetics. And this is vital—because if we don’t know the God of the Bible, we will likely create Him in our image. But this is more than a solid teaching book. It’s also a collection of true stories, by real people, about a God who is accessible to us. The Spirit of God will take her words in black-and-white print and turn them into spirit and life that will touch you deeply. I heartily recommend Awesom-Azing God! —SUSAN D. HILL, Author, Closer Than Your Skin: Unwrapping the Mystery of Intimacy with God, WaterBrook Press, MT

Awesom-Azing God is sure to encourage new believers, as well as seasoned Christians, with Marilyn’s knowledge of apologetics. We use her True-Way Tracts at our international outreach locations through “Lighting the Way Worldwide” and often hear people say they want to have Bible studies and Sunday school classes based on Marilyn’s teachings. This devotional will bless the daily walk of any Christian. —DWAYNA LITZ, Apologist and Founder, Lighting the Way Worldwide, Author, Happiness No Man Required

I whole-heartedly recommend this book! In Awesom-Azing God, Marilyn writes that “the simplest definition of Christianity is knowing God,” and she helps you do exactly that. You will find that she carefully explores God’s attributes by combining biblical truth, history, apologetics, and personal testimony, as well amusing anecdotes that make you smile as you wade through the deep theological waters this book offers. Get out your forks and knives, Christians, as it’s time to dine on some meat! —SARAH ANKENMAN, Apologist, Former President of International Society of Women in Apologetics (

To God be the glory!