An Apologetics Ministry

(TRUE-WAY TRACTS hosts a resource table at apologetics and evangelism conferences.)
(TRUE-WAY TRACTS hosts resource tables at apologetics conferences and evangelism conferences.)

In light of today’s battle for ideas–in our pluralistic, relativistic world–there is a tremendous need to get Christian apologetics materials (such as our TWT apologetics briefs) into the hands of both believers and unbelievers. The purpose of “apologetics” is to defend the Christian faith and promote the Gospel. As a branch of evangelism, it provides reasons and evidence for the truth of Christianity. When Christians get equipped in apologetics, they can answer unbelievers’ questions regarding “why” we believe (see 1 Peter 3:15). They can also respond to skeptics’ challenges and thereby remove their intellectual obstacles. Then many souls for whom Christ died will advance to the cross and be open to hearing the Gospel.

People need to know that the amount of evidence for the truth of Christianity is like a mountain that towers over every religious system. 

Our TWT evidential briefs can be helpful because they present apologetics in a nutshell. Note that….

  • Many unbelievers are only one question away from coming to faith in Christ,
  • Many people don’t have the time to read entire books on apologetics,
  • These pamphlets can be used for educational purposes and as handy witnessing tools,
  • They can also be used to strengthen the faith of new believers.


(Author/apologist Marilyn Joy Tyner appears as a guest speaker at colleges, apologetics conferences, women’s events, and Bible studies. Her speaking topics are listed on the “About the Author” link. And you can visit her apologetics blogsite at