Awesom-Azing God!

awesom azing godAnnouncing …
99 devotions showcase attributes
of the living God, and 21 text boxes of apologetics
equip readers to proclaim Him today.
(A Bible study booklet is also available.)
by Marilyn Joy Tyner, Christian Author and Apologist

● The Devoted Believer will be inspired to live full-on for God’s glory.
● The Skeptic will discover solid evidence for the truth of Christianity.
● The Unbeliever will be introduced to God’s heart of love and gospel of grace.
● The Suffering Person will receive personal hope and encouragement.
● The Shy Believer will learn how to confidently share the living God with others.
● The Backslider will hear the Lord’s heartfelt whisper to return.
● The Homeless will see God’s faithfulness to a believer living on the sidewalks.
● The Atheist will catch a glimpse of what it’s like to fellowship with the Lord.

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